Heliwelders has full repair capability for Airbus 350/355, Bell 206/204/205/212/412 and Sikorsky S76/S92 series helicopters. We have total field support capability and can dispatch work teams usually within 12 hours notice on a worldwide basis. Heliwelders offers Airbus 350/355 exchange fuselages, tailbooms and stabilizers.

Services for the Airbus 350/355

Heliwelders has full build maintenance and structures capability for Airbus 350/355 helicopters. Our field support division deploys globally for AOG requirements.

Our Airbus 350/355 capabilities include:

Heliwelders exchange program includes fuselage, tailboom, horizontal stabilizer, upper and lower vertical fins. Units can be drop shipped globally with unmatched turnaround times.

Heli-Welders Exchange Program

Heliwelders exchange program includes:

All units in our exchange program have been completely overhauled using Heliwelders' innovative fixtures.

For AOG exchanges, parts can be drop shipped globally within 24 hours. Please contact us for exchange prices.

Units currently in our Exchange Program (click each thumbnail for full image view):

Heli-Welders Exchange Program Heli-Welders Exchange Program Heli-Welders Exchange Program Heli-Welders Exchange Program Heli-Welders Exchange Program

Sikorsky Services

We specialize in Sikorsky S76 and Sikorsky S92 structural repair. We carry out the following Special Service Instructions.

Bell Services

Heliwelders continues to enhance our extensive list of capabilities to meet our customer's helicopter needs. We offer the convenience of a one-stop shop while maintaining the highest standards of safety, quality, reliability and excellence. Heliwelders has complete structural capability for your Bell 206/205/212/412 helicopter. We offer tailboom honeycomb panel replacement and structural repairs in the field or at our facility using Bell work aids. We specialize in door rail replacement and main beam panel splice rather than full replacement requiring a fixture.

Field Support

We also provide comprehensive field support enabling you to keep your helicopter at your own facility, we are ready to dispatch field support kits and our experienced structural technicians worldwide at a moment's notice.

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