Welcome to Heli-Welders Canada Ltd. Experts in Helicopter Maintenance, Paint & Structural Support.

Heliwelders is Transport Canada & EASA approved to carry out maintenance, structural repairs and paint for your Airbus, Bell and Sikorsky helicopters.

We specialize in carrying out major inspections and structural repairs to Sikorsky S92, Airbus 350/355/EC130 and Bell 206/407/212/412 helicopters including full interior and exterior paint capabilities.


Heliwelders is known globally for being untouchable in many areas, two we are particularly proud of are Airbus 350/355 12 year complete refurbishments and Bell 212/412 3000 hour inspections. With full paint and depot level structural capability we are second to none. We pride ourselves on 12 week turn times for Airbus 350/355 helicopters.

Paint Services

Heliwelders is known nationally and internationally as the ultimate in refurbishment of helicopter paint and interiors. Owners who will accept only perfection choose Heliwelders, and are never disappointed. We are able to perfectly color match any existing paint or deliver an entirely new paint scheme to your specifications.


Heliwelders has full structural repair capability for Airbus 350/355, Bell 206/204/205/212/412 and Sikorsky S76/S92 series helicopters. We have total field support capability and can usually dispatch work teams within 12 hours notice on a worldwide basis. Heliwelders offers a full exchange program for Airbus 350/355 fuselages, tailbooms and stabilizers.

Transport Canada Approved Structural Repair Shop
(AMO Number:86-04)

European Aviation
Safety Agency
Approval Certificate
(EASA 145.7157)

CMAE recognition certificate

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